What I Offer


It is my joy to help my clients achieve a relaxed, aligned, healthy body and mind.
I support my clients with Yoga and Pilates-based exercises and myofascial stretching. This technique that I have developed over 25 years of practicing is called Myo-Expansion and is a form of 3-dimensional hands on assisted stretching that releases fascial tightness, realigns the body, and relaxes the nervous system.
I look at the body as interconnected and work holistically, meaning the area where a client may feel pain may actually be stemming from another area of the body as well as other body systems. I am highly intuitive and compassionate and help my clients experience improved health and well being, relief of discomfort, and a deeper sense of calm. With my help, you will understand how to breathe more effectively, and take home self-care routines that become a life line of support.
In order to fully support my clients I may incorporate optional aromatherapy, guided mindfulness meditation, reflexology, and nutritional coaching. My goal is to help others release tension and inflammation and reset the muscular and nervous system for deeper healing. I give each client an individualized approach to wellness that is life-changing.
Having your own personal health tools are instrumental in order to thrive.
The Body/Mind and the Holistic modalities I use are a unique and powerful combination and help my clients transform. I look forward to sharing these gifts with you!

Initial Consult 180.00
1 hour session 120.00
Travel fee 50.00

What I offer:
MyoExpansion Body Work

Intuitive listening and support
Postural and Gait Analysis
Iyengar Yoga/Restorative Yoga Poses
Pilates equipment and mat exercises
Core Reset Breathing technique
The Pelvic Align modality
FCL Alignment cues
Nutritional Coaching
Home programs
Props coaching


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