It is my joy to help my clients achieve a relaxed, aligned, healthy body and mind. In my individual and group sessions, I teach Yoga, Pilates, and Myofascial Stretching. I am intuitive, compassionate and commited to helping my clients live a vibrant, pain-free life.  My clients experience improved health and well being, relief of discomfort, feel a deeper sense of calm, understand how to breathe more effectively, and take home self-care routines that become a life line of support. I incorporate aromatherapy, Mindfulness Meditation, reflexology, and nutritional coaching to help my clients release tension and inflammation and reset the muscular and nervous system.  Each client of any age or body type receives an individualized approach to wellness.

I also really enjoy teaching kids of all ages in classes and camps. Holistic health tools are instrumental in helping kids and families thrive in our world.  When combined with parent support and education, breathing and yoga based exercises become second nature to kids.  They love to discover the way their bodies and minds can become calm and clear.   The most powerful experience for me as a Mom and practitioner is to see the kids transform and then teach each other how to breathe, move, etc.

I collaborate with a fabulous music teacher in Austin for a week long music and yoga camp for kids 10-12 every summer.  We utilize Mindfulness techniques to enhance focus, clarity and

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